mod_bf is a brainfuck module for the Apache webserver, providing several handlers for brainfuck code. You can easily create your dynamic webpages with brainfuck now. Besides that, mod_bf also (sort of) aims to be simple example of various uses of the Apache API, much simpler than the mod_example included with the apache distribution. Please see the information in the mod_bf distribution for more information.

NOTE: mod_bf isn't currently (0.2) in a too usable state and the code is incredibly ugly. I'll release 1.0 soon, a complete rewrite with many new features and nicer code. This webpage will be updated with its release.

I'd also like to maintain a list of sites that use mod_bf for the heck of it. Please send me a mail if you're running a site with mod_bf.

What is brainfuck? Brainfuck is a simple, elegant eight-instruction turing-complete programming language that all sorts of different people become addicted to for various reasons. It is probably the language with the most different implementations in the most different languages and has even been (unofficially) standardized by ENSI (see below). A few selected brainfuck resources:

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